A Majesty of Redwoods: Visiting the Montgomery Woods State Reserve


Enjoy the Tranquility of the Giant Redwoods in Montgomery Woods

Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to enjoy one of the more serene places in our area. The Montgomery Woods State Reserve is one of the most remote redwood reserves in the state, making it the perfect place to escape your stresses and simply enjoy nature for the day.

Located near Ukiah and Comptche, the reserve is filled with two unique varieties of redwoods. The Sierra Redwood is a bigger species of tree, while the Coast Redwood is a taller version that only grows in a small area along the coast of California and into Oregon. These redwoods are some of the tallest trees in the world. In fact, a 367-foot redwood in the heart of Montgomery Woods was once thought to be the tallest tree in the world. While taller trees have been discovered in other redwood parks, Montgomery Woods is still well-known for its giant trees that seem to touch the sky.

The reserve has one walking trail that follows Montgomery Creek. The three-mile trail loops around the entire reserve and takes around an hour to walk. This easy hike works its way through five different untouched redwood groves. The trail begins as a dirt road through a redwood forest and quickly descends into Montgomery Flat, where you notice a dramatic change in your surroundings. 

The trail throughout the Flat meanders around a lovely redwood grove, which is accented by a flowing creek and a marshy center. As the trail comes to an end, you’ll reach a steep incline with a pretty fern-encrusted wall and cross a boardwalk leading to a shady crossing where the trail loop ends.

Montgomery Woods is open for day-use only, so no camping is allowed. But the area has plenty to offer visitors who would like to spend the day there. Hikers can stop for lunch or a snack break about one-third a mile up the trail at the Kellieowen Grove and picnic next to Montgomery Creek. Or visitors can take in the entire two-mile trail and enjoy the picnic site at the trail’s end near the parking lot. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful view of the forest as you eat and relax.



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