Designs for Everyday Country Living


These Design Ideas Will Bring Elegance and Charm to Everyday Country Living

Mendocino County may be known for its wine, but the area’s easy-going style might set it apart. Country homes seamlessly blend the elegance of luxury design with the comfort of everyday living. Whether you love a natural look or a more modern approach to design, hopefully, these designs inspire you to make some updates to your own decor.

Rustic Elegance

Who says rustic decor needs to be old? There are a variety of ways to incorporate natural elements into your home without forgoing an elegant look. A feature made from wood or stone will instantly add a sense of nature to your decor. For a dramatic look, consider adding wooden beams to your ceiling to create a dramatic look. Or for a smaller change, swap out a few pieces of upholstered furniture for natural wood pieces to easily add warmth to your living room.

Modern Amenities

Country living may mean your home is set away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on modern amenities inside your house. There are several ways to maintain your home’s country style but move it into the modern age. A smart home lighting system can allow you to control your home’s lights from anywhere with a simple vocal command. And a digital home interface can help you control all of your home’s electronic elements, from your security system to your television, all in one convenient spot. And nothing is more country charm than soft light set low, you just get to do it with ease.

Bring the Outside in

Don’t leave the beauty surrounding your country home outside. Instead, find ways to bring the outdoors into your home by creating a seamless transition between the indoors and out. Allow natural light and the beauty of your home’s landscape to permeate your interior by keeping the windows clear of decor that may cause a distraction. Another way to create a connection between your home’s exterior and interior is to create a beautiful outdoor living space that is just as warm and comfortable as your home’s indoor living area. 

Comfort and Charm

Country living is all about comfort, but sometimes comfort and design don’t mix. To ensure your home is charming, as well as comfortable, you need the right furniture. Choose living room furniture that is stylish but also practical by selecting plush pieces that use neutral colors, then accent each piece with decorative elements, like throw pillows and blankets, to enhance the design of the room.



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